are now being distributed to parishioners' homes. If you do not receive a November envelope, they are also available at the back of the Church and in the Parish Centre. You can use your envelope to return a list of your beloved dead to be remembered during the parish November Masses for the Holy Souls, and for the customary November Offering for the support of the clergy. The priests of the parish thank you for your generosity.

The Annual Diocesan collection in aid of Peter’s Pence will be taken up at all Masses next weekend (April 28th/29th) as a joint Offertory collection. This collection supports the ministry of the Pope in his task of uniting the many different strands of the church and enables the many charitable initiatives promoted by the Holy Father.

please contact the Parish Office on 066 7122522. You must have your own public liability insurance and if appropriate safeguarding children and vulnerable adults policies.


The Parish Pastoral Programme for 2016-17 is being launched at all masses on the weekend of September 10th/11th. Copies of the programme are available at the back of the church or can be downloaded here.

This Sunday, October 2nd, is Day for Life, an annual celebration by the Catholic Church dedicated to upholding the dignity of all human life. This year’s theme is Respect for all life: everything is connected, plant, animal, human, - all life. Caring for our common home involves caring for the whole environment and the whole human family worldwide. “We are all brothers and sisters living in one common home.” For more information visit