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Mass Times are per our normal schedule in St. John’s, The Immaculate Conception and Curraheen Churches.

For those who will attend Mass the following will need to be noted:

  • ·We ask everyone to move slowly and follow the guidance of the ushers at all times.
  • ·The ushers in the Church will show you to a seat.
  • ·Please follow the guidance of the ushers when receiving Holy Communion and maintain a safe distance from other members of the congregation.
  • ·Use hand sanitisers entering and leaving the church.
  •  Holy Communion should only be received in the hand.
  • ·It is recommended to wear a face covering while attending Mass.
  • ·When exiting St. John’s Church we would ask everyone to  exit to their left, taking care to move slowly and keeping a safe distance. Those who are on the right side of the church please exit via the centre isle and those on the left to exit by the left isle.

We will continue to live-stream Masses from St. John’s Church.
Full details in the newsletter.

St. John’s Parish Finance Committee Meeting

20th November 2020

(Via Zoom)


  1. Minutes:
  • Minutes of previous meeting were proposed, seconded and adopted.
  • Minutes of previous meeting agreed for publication.

   2. Matters Arising:

  • Matters arising were discussed as they arose according to the agenda.

  3. Correspondence: None.

  1. Parish Accounts: Financial reports of parish accounts (income & expenditure) for the period 01/09/2020 to 31/10/2020 and a detailed comparison for the same period the previous year were presented, discussed and approved. The following items were also noted under parish accounts.
    1. The online donation system has been developed to include the November offerings.
    2. General feedback is that large-size urban parishes are being harder hit financially by Covid than the rural country parishes.
    3. Agreed that similar to many other charities and organisations, St. John’s Parish has suffered financially due to the COVID-19 virus.
    4. Despite the current restrictions, it was felt that parishioner weekly envelope contributions are doing quite well.
    5. Income from Parish Centre is down significantly.
    6. The Annual Parish Bazaar will not be going ahead this year.
  1. Update on Building Sub-Committee: Reports were provided on ongoing parish building and maintenance matters.



Next Meeting: 16th February 2021.