Reader - Anne Looney
Do we ask God to speak because we are now listening or do we say " Listen Lord for your servant is speaking?
Having to speak in whispers. God speaks in whispers and it takes effort to hear properly
Listening attentively is important for spiritual growth. Being helps us to develop awareness. Listening is a non-productive contemplative activity. A striving not to strive. Self striving would make noise and prevent us from hearing. Our external world is full of noise and we tune out a lot We learn to tune out noise if we are deliberately not listening.
We need to clear out the ceaseless activity. We need to be more comfortable with being and focus more clearly on inner activity. Wd need to be more comfortable with being. We need to be attentive. We live in a culture that promotes constant activity and productivity. is nonproductive activity. When I listen I discover God everywhere, in telephone calls, in what I read, and what I touch and taste.
Listen. What do you hear?
Breath Prayer
Breathe In - I listen
Breathe out You are here.
Day 7 Emptiness P daly
The Empty Cup Day 7 Paddy Daly

Read by Paddy Daly


Lord touches us with a touch that is emptiness and empties us There is a part of me that always wants to be filled, to feel good, and to have life go well, but I also know that a cup that is always full does not have room to receive.

A cup that is never used or shared will grow old and tasteless. It needs to be empties so that it can be filled again and again Sometimes I choose to get involved with someone's situation ask a lot of my time. This emptying can be draining but it can also  be rewarding and satisfying and other times I am emptied without being asked ....

The spiritual path is a constant cycle of emptying and filling, Dying and rising and accepting and letting go. I don't always have time to give others. Let the same mind be in you that was in the life of Jesus. Depriving ourselves is a reminder that we need to be emptied from time to time as this strengthens us for other kinds of emptying


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The Clutter Cup - Day 5

 Read by Vicky McCarthy

Inner  Clutter we all have and experience it.  Anxiety, Self-pity, Negative thoughts. It all takes up a lot inner space. Anything can be clutter  if  it  keeps  us  self  absorbed,

Physical clutter, the dust in our houses, A  stack of mail builds up and it  continually needs to be  sorted

Clutter in terms of wanting Knowledge,

Be patient as you decide what is clutter and what need s to go.

Breathe In - Guide Me

Breathe Out -  Guard me

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Boundaries of the cup

The Boundaries of the Cup - Day 4

A reading from Brian Eyre

We all have messy days, Days of feeling stressed. At odds with ourselves and with others too. My  energy is draining away  when I  have days  like those

I can feel lost and adrift, I  feel adrift and don't have the time to pray and space to reflect. I  worry and have little time for my inner self.

The same can happen on the spiritual path unless we have boundaries and some discipline. Not everyone else can come first. We need to spread out our own spiritual wings. Even our lord put himself first when he went apart to pray.

It is important to set boundaries and to keep them,  and be firm in order to pray. Take some time today  to  think about your  spiritual boundaries

Breathe In - Guide Me

Breathe Out -  Guard me

Take time to feel the cup, inside and out, and within - Imagine your spiritual boundaries. Ask for the boundaries that are needed in your spiritual life. "Help me protect my relationship with God. Let my quiet time with you enrich the rest of my day"

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Vessel of Life

The Vessel of Loving Energy Day 3

A reading by Cathal O Shea


I am simply an empty cup until I am filled with the loving energy of God. Today is a good day to realize that it is God who gives us the power to act. We are simply empty cups until we are filled with God's strength. It is God who gives us the power to act and to change. Remember Breathe in ( Guard Me ) Breathe Out ( Guide Me ) I can not grow by my own efforts alone.


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