There has been a generous response to the church door collection for the new Reconciliation Window in St. John's. So far €9,135 has been collected and there is still an opportunity for parishioners to contribute if they so wish through direct debit or cash contribution in the envelopes provided at the back of the church. The Parish Pastoral Committee thanks all who have made a contribution.

are now being distributed to parishioners' homes. If you do not receive a November envelope, they are also available at the back of the Church. You can use your envelope to return a list of your beloved dead to be remembered during the parish November Masses for the Holy Souls, and for the customary November Offering for the support of the clergy. The priests of the parish thank you for your generosity.


was held on October 2nd, at 3pm outside St. John’s Church.

 BlessingOfPets2016a BlessingOfPets2016b 

Eucharia Breen of Garryruth has retired as sacristan of St John’s Church. Eucharia served as sacristan for the past eight years. She did so with great commitment and dedication. The purpose of the parish is to gather for Eucharist and the role of the sacristan is to do all the background preparation so that the community can gather around the Table of the Lord. Eucharia fulfilled this role with great sacredness and respect. She took care of the parish records of Baptisms, Confirmations, Marriages and deaths. This is a service not only to the present generation but for people of the future to find their ancestors. We wish Eucharia every joy in her retirement.

Elizabeth Costelloe has joined the team of sacristans and we wish her well in her new role.

Bookings for First Anniversaries will be taken on Monday October 10th. Bookings for all other Masses will take place from Tuesday October 11th. Telephone bookings will not be taken on Tuesday.