St John’s Parish Finance Council Meeting of 30th January 2017

Meeting commenced with a prayer.

1. Correspondence.

  1. The Finance Committee agreed to contract a Cleaning Company to clean St. John’s church four times per year, an inventory of the work is provided.

2. An update on the accounts for Nov & Dec 2016 and a detailed report for the years 1/1/15 to 31/12/15 and 1/1/16 to 31/12/16, showing a comparison between both with further clarification around specific figures was given to the meeting.

There was a discussion on the income obtained from: offertory collections, weekly envelopes and standing orders. A number of suggestions were agreed:

  1. The present upgrading of the Database should help connect with more parishioners.
  2. The possible need for a member of the Finance Committee to address parishioners at the weekend masses, putting the finance in context and highlighting the most convenient ways to support the parish financially.
  3. A slight tweaking of the annual Finance Report to include photos highlighting the range of activities which happen in the parish.

3. Fr. Tadhg gave a report from the building sub committee

  1. An outline of the works proposed for the Organ Tower and Spire.
  2. Overall costs of the works in the region of One Million Euro.
  3. Permission will be sought from the Diocesan Building Committee & the Diocesan Finance Committee to proceed to the next stage of the process.

4. Melanie O’Sullivan was proposed as Vice Chairperson.

    Jim Maher was proposed as Assistant secretary.

A group of five names were suggested as parishioners who could be contacted to identify their interest in serving on the finance committee. Fr Tadhg will contact with an aim to increase the committee by three.

5. Fr. Tadhg informed the group

  1. That the Old Presbytery was up for sale.
  2. The Cura office which belongs to St. John’s was presently vacant but had the potential to provide some income.