St John’s Parish Finance Council Meeting of 7th March 2017

Meeting commenced with a prayer.

1. An update on the accounts for Jan & Feb 2017 was given.

  • It was noted that there was a drop of 1400 Euro in the church collection compared with the same period the previous year.
  • A question arose regarding the expenditure of the heating in St John’s. Although there was no apparent drop in the amount spent on oil, it was acknowledged that St. John’s was much warmer.

2. There was a discussion on how best to present the annual Income/Expenditure newsletter and the option of seeking parishioners email address.

  • There was an acceptance of the need for members of the Finance Council to address parishioners to thank them for their contributions to St John’s and also to outline future works to be carried out in the Church, based on the Southgate report.

3. Fr. Tadhg provided an update from the Building Sub Committee

  • Our engineer is drawing up a tender form regarding the repair of the Church Spire.
  • This is to include restoration of Spire, repair of Organ and window.
  • This is a project for completion in 2018.

4. Fr. Tadhg informed the group

  1. The Cura office which belongs to St. John’s was presently vacant but had the potential to provide some income.
  2. The CTS building still available.
  3. KDYS building, which is leased from the Parish, needs repairs to its roof.
  4. It was agreed that the rent of this building should be reduced.
  5. The Church collectors asked if some information could be provided by the Finance Committee regarding how money collected is spent.