St John’s Parish Finance Council Meeting of 16th May 2017

Meeting commenced with a prayer.

Fr Tadhg introduced and welcomed both John O Connor and Joe Clifford to the meeting and expressed his delight that they were both willing to serve on the Finance Committee.

1. An update on the accounts for March & April 2017 was provided.

  • It was noted that there was a drop of 1719 Euro in the offertory collection compared with the same period the previous year and this showed a drop each month from Jan to April.
  • The weekly envelope collection was down by 1414 Euro
  • Six new standing orders came back as a result of the Easter correspondence, which included two new subscribers.
  • Information on how to subscribe by standing order will be put up on the web site.
  • Rent income on the Parish Centre is down; this resource could do with some promotion.
  • The 34000 Euro cost of the new stain glass window is totally covered.
  • An Energy Audit of St Johns was proposed to see if there was any ways of cutting costs. Heating of the side church throughout the year might be one example where possible savings might be made.

2. It was agreed to put a previous proposal ‘for members of the Finance Committee to address parishioners at weekend masses’ be put on hold in the immediate.

  1. We will rethink this proposal when we get closer to the works on Spire etc.
  2. It was agreed to publish a report from each finance meeting on the Web site.

3. Fr. Tadhg provided an update from the Building Sub Committee

  • A meeting was held with our engineer regarding the repair of the Church Spire, window and Organ which will cost in the region of one million.
  • A survey costing two thousand will be carried out to draw up a schedule of work.

4. Fr. Tadhg informed the group that a Parish Ministry course and a Youth Ministry course will be held from September.