St. John’s Parish Finance Committee Meeting of 24th October 2017.


1. Minutes: Minutes of the previous meeting were proposed, seconded and agreed.


2. Correspondence:

  • There was no correspondence other than those which would be dealt with in other parts of the meeting.
  • The Engineer engaged to undertake a 3D Survey of the Church spire has completed his work and has been paid for his services.


3. Update of accounts: The meeting approved the update on the parish accounts for September 2017.

  • Two and a half of the parish areas are now updated on the parish database. There are five parish areas in total.
  • It was also noted that Parish Centre income is down.


4. Diocesan Collections. Fr Tadhg met with the collection team.

  • He outlined how collections are presently conducted and shared ideas on other possibilities.
  • The meeting agreed to focus on getting the exact practice right for the first collection and would continue to monitor the success of the second collection.
  • The sick & retired priest collection (collected by envelope) was down significantly on the previous year.


5. Update on the heating: The heating engineer who examined the Church heating system to ascertain if the radiators and the fan system which run simultaneously could be separated and instead turned on independently and wired to the Sacristy reported that it was, financially, not worth the expense.


6. Update on Building Sub Committee. It was noted that the committee have not met since the last Finance Committee meeting. An engineer is to draw up a plan for work to be carried out.


7. Unveiling of the Reconciliation Window: The unveiling will take place on Friday 27th October at 7.30pm with a prayer service.


8. Fundraising: Planning for the Parish Bazaar is well under way. The meeting appreciated the massive amount of work involved in organising the Bazaar and expressed a view that the parish may need to consider some other form of major annual fundraising plan going forward.